Kittens & Coffee was founded in 2018 by actress/comedienne and internet personality, Nikki Limo. Seeing jewelry as a means of self-expression, she wanted to create a line that spoke to her and others, with each piece being somewhat of a “talisman” or a “gentle reminder” to carry with you throughout the day in a chic style. As a “recovering perfectionist”, the “Fuck Perfect” collection originated as a gift to her bridesmaids in 2017 as a reminder that no one needs to take themselves (or the wedding day) too seriously, as brides often do. After sharing this factoid with her audience, she found the message resonated with a lot of people, and thus the collection was created to share with the public.

 The Cats and Crystals collection was inspired by her love of cats, and ever growing crystal collection; each crystal carrying a meaning that you could interchange depending on the current phase of life you’re in.

 The hope with Kittens & Coffee is that not only will you love the design of each piece, but also that the meaning would bring joy, and a feeling that you’re not alone.

xo- Nikki Limo